Helping children get through a divorce or separation

Divorce or separation can be very challenging for adults.  The stress can be all the more overwhelming for children. Separating a family can be a highly emotional time, and how each child reacts will depend upon that child’s age, personality, and the circumstances set forth by both of the parents.  These reactions can involve shock, sadness, frustration, anger, acting out, or guilt should a child believe he or she is to “blame” for the separation.

Parents should try to minimize the negative impact of divorce or separation on their children taking the following measures:

  • Keep visible conflict, heated discussions, and legal talk away from the kids.
  • Minimize the disruptions to kids’ daily routines.
  • Confine negativity and blame to therapy sessions or conversations with friends or family outside of the home and not in front of the children.
  • Keep each parent involved in the kids’ lives.
  • Getting support for the kids through family, friends or professionals.
  • Both parents should frequently reassure their kids of their love and care despite the changed situation.

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