Steven A. Hemmat has served as attorney in the following notable cases and matters:

Weiss v. Glemp: Represented New York Rabbi Avi Weiss in an international defamation case against Polish Cardinal Jozef Glemp. Case covered by local, national and international media.

Oliver/Wilson v. Dayspring & Fitch Funeral Directors: Represented plaintiffs in a funeral home malpractice case which received front-page newspaper coverage in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Settlement achieved for client after mediation.

Perez v. Lyon: Defeated an attempt by detective Robert Perez to obtain journalist work product from attorney/author Kathryn Lyon in a civil case relating to the Wenatchee child sex ring investigations. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a favorable editorial in this case.

Smith, et al. v. University of Washington Law School, et al.: Serving as local counsel with the Center for Individual Rights against the University of Washington Law School on behalf of several law school applicants claiming a discriminatory admissions system.

Representing Hookah Lounge Collective:  Serving as counsel in negotiations with the City of Seattle regarding regulatory policy of hookah lounge businesses within Seattle.


A published appreciation from a former client:

“I set out on the difficult mission of finding an attorney. It was tough because most lawyers have better sense than to willing represent another lawyer.

But I wasn’t the only problem. Lawyers are expensive, lawyers are controlling, and lawyers vary hugely in matters of competence. I got lucky with Steve Hemmat, formerly an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and Thomas Nast, great great grandnephew of the political cartoonist by the same name, who wrote the kind of brief that appeared destined to carve new territory at the appellate court level.”

Kathryn Lyon, Witch Hunt / A True Story of Social Hysteria and Abused Justice, p. 418-19 (1998).