Client Reviews

Excellent Divorce and Contract Attorney

Steven assisted me with a very complex and urgent divorce situation. Given the circumstances of my divorce, it was a very emotional and confusing time. When I have worked with other attorneys in the past on other matters, I always felt pressured to work quickly, but Steven took a great deal of time during our initial consultation to review my situation in detail, listen to all my concerns, and suggest options. Steven’s experience here was invaluable, as he presented an option to me that I otherwise would not have been aware of or considered (legal separation rather than traditional divorce), that addressed the complex situation we were dealing with, while still meeting both parties’ needs, such as ongoing health insurance coverage. He honestly made a very painful situation quite simple and easy to deal with. And in the end he actually came in under budget, saving me a bit over his initial estimate.

I have since consulted with Steven during a real estate transaction that was also a success for me thanks to Steven’s help, and I will certainly continue to rely on him for my future legal needs.

Highly recommended!

- (5 star review)

Family law matter

I hired Mr Steven in a Family law matter. He successfully resolved the case 100% Mr Steven He is reasonable price. For all the case you would be like to have Steven he is my right hand for all is job he did

- (5 star review)

Lucky to have him

Steve represented me in a contentious family law matter and was zealous, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the litigation. He successfully resolved the case through summary judgment, including winning attorney’s fees from the other party. When opposing counsel engaged in potentially unethical conduct, Steve did not hesitate to file appropriate motions to address the issue. Throughout the ordeal, Steve was a calming presence, and was careful to explain the litigation in terms I understood. He clearly had a great deal of experience, and was on familiar terms with judges, lawyers, and other members of the legal community. I have worked with other lawyers, and was impressed by how responsive Steve was by comparison. He promptly responded to all my communications with thoughtful answers to my questions. If you ever need a family law attorney, you would be lucky to have Steve Hemmat.

- (5 star review)

Solid reliable and still ready to adapt

Mr. Hemmat has been an extremely reliable and stable lawyer in a very challenging case. He listened closely, but was ready to provide honest feedback and direction even when it was contrary to our initial beliefs. He provide reasoning and justification and didn’t merely act as a mouth piece. He got to the truth of the matter and helped us with making the right ethical decisions even when the other party was attempting to exacerbate the conflict in an already challenging situation.

- (5 star review)