Firm Overview

Steven Hemmat founded his Seattle firm in 1990 after several years representing the United States government in complex contract disputes and in appellate cases. In Washington, D.C., he learned to be a vigorous advocate for his clients, follow detailed rules, and juggle deadlines and competing demands, and he obtained extensive courtroom experience.

These valuable skills and self-discipline have translated into success after success for his private-practice clients.

Steven Hemmat handles an array of cases. He is particularly recognized for his personal service and expertise in:

Family Law — Steven Hemmat understands that breaking up a once-loving relationship can be highly stressful. An attorney’s negotiations should not make it more so. His first priority in a divorce involving children is to preserve their relationship with their parents by shielding them from any acrimony. He will strive to amicably resolve property division issues and to establish satisfactory custody, visitation, and support arrangements. Clients find him to be direct about their options, helpful in determining their goals, and forceful as an advocate in pursuing those goals.

Personal Injury — Steven Hemmat has a reputation for obtaining maximum compensation for personal injury clients while maintaining compassion and integrity. He works to provide clients with peace of mind and help them sort through the confusion and upheaval that follow a catastrophic accident.

Clients count on him to conduct a thorough investigation, determine liability, evaluate damages, and deal with powerfulinsurance companies whose goal is to pay as little on claims as possible. Steven Hemmat will ensure that clients are fully compensated for anticipated and unanticipated expenses, including, therapy, child care, prescriptions, and medical equipment.

When possible, Steven Hemmat negotiates to avoid the ordeal and risks of going to trial. However, when negotiation fails to reach an acceptable result, Steven Hemmat is fully prepared to take a personal injury case before a jury.

Estate Planning and Probate —  Steven Hemmat helps clients with modest estates plan appropriately for distributing their assets and providing for their loved ones. He handles all document preparation, including wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. He has the knowledge and expertise to administer an estate after a client dies and can litigate any will disputes or creditor claims on behalf of the estate. 

General Civil Litigation — Effective resolution of business disputes requires extensive knowledge of contract law. Steven Hemmat’s government experience honed his skills in handling contract or lease disputes.  He often resolves such matters through mediation or arbitration. He also can negotiate and handle closing of real estate contracts and commercial leases and transfers.

The mission at the Law Office of Steven Hemmat, P.S. is to obtain the best result for each client. For thirty years, Steven Hemmat has been fulfilling that mission.