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Effortless Financing for Family Law

Lots of people need attorneys, but few people can afford them. The legal access gap impacts millions every year, and Hemmat Law is proud to help ease the burden of representation for those in need.

How it Works

Step 1 — Check Your Eligibility

Checking your options is easy, risk-free, and at no obligation. You can pre-qualify before your consultation.

Step 2 — Confirm Your Deposit

Once you receive your eligibility, confirming your deposit is quick and easy. We'll help you handle all the details.

Step 3 — Secure Your Future

Our legal team immediately comes onboard to defend what matters most. No processing times or needless paperwork.

Apply Now and Get Financial Peace of Mind in Your Legal Journey

Helping Spouses


In separations and divorce cases one spouse is often in control of the household finances. This can leave one party in a precarious position: unable to access the very funds necessary to hire an attorney and pay their day-to-day expenses.

Helping Children


Stay-at-home parents and low-income families are often denied justice. Whether it’s to protect your child from an unfit parent, or to gain custody you’ve been unfairly denied, legal financing can get you the advocacy you need without breaking the bank.

Helping the Vulnerable

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence perpetrators often control their victim’s ability to access funds and gain their independence. Legal financing can help family law clients seek immediate protection as they fight for their freedom.

Helping Estates


For those who have experienced the loss of a family member, the probate process can be confusing. If you suspect the wishes of the deceased have been neglected, or if you want help fighting to defend what’s right, financing can help bridge the gap.


No! This is completely optional. Though we offer resources here, you are not obligated to work with this or any other lender. It is completely up to you.

A few minutes to give basic information to our lending partner and then a few seconds to get the decision. You can navigate the entire process from your smartphone.

No. Our lending partner collects all the information and makes all the decisions. Your eligibility is up to them, but you can pre-qualify before your consultation if you want. 

No. In fact, HLG pays fees to our lending partners to give you more tools to afford representation. Bridging the access gap is a crucial issue for our office.

This really depends. Your milage will vary based on your circumstances, objectives, and challenges. Get in touch for a free consultation and we can get to know you better.

Our lending partner offers small loans of $1,000 – $6,000. These deposits are intended to help clients afford the initial expense of retaining a lawyer.

Finance tools are for everyone! But we started offering lending options to better assist more vulnerable populations like domestic violence victims, stay at home spouses, or low-income families.

Specific financing terms will depend on your eligibility. You can check your eligibility with our lending partner without impacting your credit.

Yes and no. If you pay off your loan (with our lending partner) within 6 months, any interest you paid will be reimbursed – making the loan 0% interest. If you take longer than 6 months, you will pay some interest.

You can choose when to make your first payment up to 21 days from your approval date. HLG and our lending partner give you the flexibility to choose the payment date each month, letting you line your financing up with your payday.

You can talk with our team or you can check your loan eligibility with our lending partner! If you want, our team can even navigate the process with you via text.

You will only need some basic income and employment information, a state or federal ID, or a driver’s license. Unfortunately, we can’t accept military ID’s.

Yes! Once you accept your terms you can choose any date in the next 21 days to make your first payment. You can pick a payment schedule aligned with your payday to minimize headaches.

Yes! If your case involves family law, DV, or probate and you are working with us to conduct a settlement, both of you can choose to finance your deposit if you so wish.