"He Fought For My Parental Rights"

Mr. Hemmat was very helpful with my unique family law situation. He took the time to understand the entirety of the situation, develop a plan, and execute. We did not settle when that seemed to be the easier option available. He fought for my parental right’s and made sure everything was fair and reasonable. He did not let me get taken advantage of. Mr. Hemmat was available for questions and concerns I had via phone and email with a timely response. He made me feel heard, understood, and would walk through the options with me. Talking sense to me when I needed it. Very easy to communicate with. Mr. Hemmat was very personable throughout the duration of my time as his client. I highly recommend Mr. Hemmat for any family law matters. He is on your side, will not let you get taken advantage of, and will fight for you.


"Highly Recommend Steven and His Team!"

Highly recommend Steven and his team! Steve and John have been helping me with my tough international divorce case since last September. During the process, they were not only a good support in the case itself, researching all possible solutions, taking actions on things confidently, nailing things down by choosing good timings, but also a very good support mental-wise. I am super grateful that they successfully got my case done and neither time consuming nor money consuming. So I highly recommend Steve and his team. It is a team that you can fully trust.


"Level-headed, Direct and Effective"

Steve is a game-changer! He was highly effective at cutting through volumes of false and misleading accusations made against me by my ex-wife and her unethical attorney. They attempted to get my ex-wife sole custody of our two daughters. I had begun with an attorney from Goldberg-Jones and it did not go well. Out of frustration, I then represented myself for several months. The case was a mess and the judge assigned had made it substantially worse. I began consulting with Steve about 8 months into my case. Steve is excellent at sifting through information and determining what is the most valuable. In the end, instead of losing custody, I ended up gaining primary custody of my oldest daughter – the one worst abused by her mother. There is no way I could have achieved this on my own. Steve’s work got the best possible outcome for my children given the court system and circumstances. I only wish I had hired him from the start!


"A Wonderful Job!"

Steve  walked me through every step of the way through WA’s very complicated “Parenting Plan” process and documentation, in the most simplest way I could understand.

He’s done such a wonderful job at always being concise enough to get his point across, but with most importantly keeping in consideration of what MY expectations were for my child through drafting the plan.

Steve has always been trustworthy. Through all the emotions and heartaches that I’ve dealt with in the past and at current with fighting for what we felt was right for my child, he never once fell off track with an oversight.

If it weren’t for Steve’s knowledge and impeccable service that he has provided, I would not be in a better situation, than I was before.


"Great Outcome Given Tough Situation"

I hired Steven to handle my divorce settlement. At every step he was great about communication, often leaving me a detailed voicemail as well as an email. This was especially helpful when I was busy at work and needed a quick update, but wasn’t available for a lengthy call at that immediate moment.

When we got started, I expressed financial concerns and did not want to exceed the retainer amount. Steven provided me with several tools to do my own calculations so that he would not charge me for extra time deciphering my financial statements. This resulted in more work on my end, but rather than explaining the nuances, I could quickly complete the inputs he needed and we could spend our time on my specific questions and determining next steps. This was my preference, and I did not want the process to be completely out of my hands. It helped me understand every aspect of the case.

My ex continuously changed the terms of our agreement leading up to the final settlement. I often felt the terms were aggressive, punitive, and unfair. Steven did a good job of pushing back when it was deserved and helping me swallow the tough pills when there wasn’t a good argument.

He did a lot of research on previous cases similar to mine, and sent me the research to review and ask questions. We worked through several outcome scenarios together to determine the best course of action. On the last day, I panicked and thought maybe it wasn’t the ideal outcome. Steven was level-headed and we talked through the agreement again. He assured me that under the circumstances it was favorable. Given the tough situation, it would have been impossible to feel like I “won”, but I think Steven helped me find a fair solution that worked for all parties.


"Highly Recommend Mr. Hemmat"

I retained the services of Mr. Hemmat based on a referal from a law colleague. I could not have been more pleased. Mr. Hemmat’s experience in divorce law was evidenced in every phase of my divorce. He was fair and transparent with his billing throughout. Once he got my feedback about what I thought would be an ideal outcome and what was realistic, he put a plan in place and never deviated from it. Mr. Hemmat was even keeled when I got emotional and kept us moving forward with the plan. I got the outcome I had hoped for while also feeling I had been fair to my ex-spouse. I would highly recommend Mr. Hemmat to anyone who wants an honest, fair, and transparent attorney who has invaluable experience in this realm of the law.


"Excellent Attorney: Good Advice and Peace of Mind"

I hired Steve to handle my divorce. It was not amicable, and there was risk on it getting dragged unnecessarily longer on small details. Steve helped me see the bigger picture and understand every legal implication of the actions. His advice helped me save a lot of money which more than compensated the fees. More importantly, it gave me the peace of mind of knowing that my matters were in good hands.


"Excellent Divorce and Contract Attorney"

Steven assisted me with a very complex and urgent divorce situation. Given the circumstances of my divorce, it was a very emotional and confusing time. When I have worked with other attorneys in the past on other matters, I always felt pressured to work quickly, but Steven took a great deal of time during our initial consultation to review my situation in detail, listen to all my concerns, and suggest options. Steven’s experience here was invaluable, as he presented an option to me that I otherwise would not have been aware of or considered (legal separation rather than traditional divorce), that addressed the complex situation we were dealing with, while still meeting both parties’ needs, such as ongoing health insurance coverage. He honestly made a very painful situation quite simple and easy to deal with. And in the end he actually came in under budget, saving me a bit over his initial estimate.

I have since consulted with Steven during a real estate transaction that was also a success for me thanks to Steven’s help, and I will certainly continue to rely on him for my future legal needs.

Highly recommended!


"Successfully Resolved The Case 100%"

I hired Mr Steven for a family law matter. He successfully resolved the case 100%. He is reasonably priced. He is my right hand.


"Lucky To Have Him"

Steve represented me in a contentious family law matter and was zealous, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the litigation. He successfully resolved the case through summary judgment, including winning attorney’s fees from the other party. When opposing counsel engaged in potentially unethical conduct, Steve did not hesitate to file appropriate motions to address the issue. Throughout the ordeal, Steve was a calming presence, and was careful to explain the litigation in terms I understood. He clearly had a great deal of experience, and was on familiar terms with judges, lawyers, and other members of the legal community. I have worked with other lawyers, and was impressed by how responsive Steve was by comparison. He promptly responded to all my communications with thoughtful answers to my questions. If you ever need a family law attorney, you would be lucky to have Steve Hemmat.


"Solid, Reliable and Ready to Adapt"

Mr. Hemmat was an extremely reliable and stable lawyer in a very challenging case. He listened closely, but was ready to provide honest feedback and direction even when it was contrary to our initial beliefs. He provided reasoning and justification and didn’t merely act as a mouth piece. He got to the truth of the matter and helped us with making the right ethical decisions even when the other party was attempting to exacerbate the conflict in an already challenging situation.


"Excellent Family Law Attorney"

Steven and I worked together as opposing counsel for parents who had been at loggerheads in a child relocation matter due to years of acrimony between the parents. The acrimony had essentially made it so the parents were unable to communicate with each other or trust each other. I was impressed with Steven’s ethics, care, patience, and professionalism in guiding the parties to a satisfactory resolution of all claims and setting the parents up for success going forward. I look forward to working with Steven again, and certainly would refer him to potential clients in need of an excellent family law attorney.

John Matson, Family Law Attorney

"Impressed By His Knowledge, Experience, and Client Skills"

I worked together with Steve on a difficult parentage case and was impressed by his knowledge, experience, and client skills. Steve was clearly familiar with every issue in the case, as well as opposing counsel and the judge. Although he was busy, he communicated with his client on a daily basis. I have great confidence in Steve and refer clients to him on a regular basis.

Jesse Blaisdell, Litigation Attorney

"One Of The Finest Attorneys I Know"

Steve is not only a great friend, but one of the finest attorneys I know. I am always happy to refer family law matters to him. I know his clients will get the knowledge and expertise they need for these difficult situations.

Joseph Harper, Construction and Development Attorney

"I Give Him A Hearty Endorsement"

Mr. Hemmat kindly agreed to serve as settlement master in a somewhat tricky contested dissolution I was involved with. He was thoughtful, persistent and ultimately very helpful in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. I give him a hearty endorsement.

David Cooper, Litigation Attorney

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