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Photo:  Attorney Steven A. Hemmat

Steven A. Hemmat

Steven is a highly experienced Family Law practitioner, former U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney, and founder of the Hemmat Law Group. He has been practicing civil and family law for 36 years – working as an advocate on both sides of thousands of cases across Washington State. Over the course of his career, Steven has gained an appreciation for how alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can bring about better results for parties in a variety of conflicts.

As a provider, Steve can arrange for mediations or arbitrations in person, remotely, or by travel to the parties themselves.

Steve prefers to conduct mediation via shuttle diplomacy, where the parties are placed in separate rooms and never see or speak to each other directly. The Mediator then travels between the parties and attempts to settle the dispute through alternating discussions.

When conducting Arbitration’s, Mr. Hemmat is happy to consider disputes with or without oral argument.

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